Top 3 Benefits Of Zumba Fitness Classes


A night where you can connect with friends and get down on the dance floor for a good boogie is a great way to rewind at the end of the week. However, while you may not want to hit the clubs mid-week, there is a good alternative – at your local NSW gym.

Zumba came as a frenzied craze, filling people’s lives with music, fitness and general good spirits. Aside from the typical health benefits of vibrant exercise, there are many more reasons you need to enrol in a Zumba class stat. Here are a few of them.

Are you ready to dance your way to good fitness?

1. Confidence

Going to the gym can feel like a chore. Too often, it requires effort finding the time to fit it into a busy schedule, but not going and paying for a membership can really dampen our spirits.

By making the whole idea of the ‘gym’ fun and exciting, it can really change our mindsets about finding the time to don our exercise clothes. Having finished an enthralling Zumba class, it’s likely you’ll feel a sense of achievement, because guess what – you can tell everyone you just went to the gym!

This helps to build confidence. They beauty of Zumba is that everyone can do it, there is no bad or good Zumba skills. You can tone your body and lose weight while feeling good about your body and having fun.

2. Balance

Zumba is a full body workout, so you’ll feel in tune with all different parts of your body. For those that struggle with hand-eye coordination, it can really help iron out those balance issues in everyday life.

Take a look at how experienced dancers walk. The finesse and grace with which they move is only something that years of dedication to dancing can achieve. You may not be a professional dancer, but you can achieve better movement fluidity through a regular dance class like the Latin-inspired Zumba.

Training your balance can aid in rehabilitation from injury, explains WebMD. It also helps to prevent falls and injury, but of course, you should always check with your medical practitioner first to see if Zumba is the right type of fitness for you.

You don’t need peace and quiet to get in touch with your mental awareness.

3. Mental health

A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine explored the fitness benefits that Zumba has to offer. The researchers found that for every minute a participant was active, they lost 9.5 calories!

Imagine checking your watch after a mere half an hour class – that’s 285 calories! While fitness shouldn’t be only calorie-based, it definitely aids our psychological wellbeing when we can easily calculate the effects of our efforts.

Additionally, Zumba is always accompanied by upbeat, poppy music. Whether salsa, mambo or rumba, being able to move our bodies to the beat of such funky music can make both our bodies and minds feel good. It’s a chance to focus on the moment, listening to the music while coordinating our bodies to suit. This is a technique called mindfulness, which has been shown to help relieve systems of stress and illness.

To enhance the effects of your Zumba workout, grab a friend and attend classes together each week! Zumba is as much a social fitness activity as it is personal. Keep up to date with your current friends by getting fit together whilst making new relationships in the process.

What are you waiting for? Find a time that suits you and get in there!

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