5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Go To The Gym


Hesitant to make the time to exercise?

Well not anymore! We’ve got five good reasons why you should hit the gym at One55 Rooty Hill today.

What’s your latest excuse for not making it to the gym? Being too tired after work doesn’t cut it anymore – if you made it to the gym regularly, you’d be less tired after work! Of course, we understand it can be hard to motivate yourself to put in the extra effort at times.

That said, we want to help you get into a healthy routine so you can start to feel better about your body. Check out our top five motivators that we think will help you get to the gym every time you begin to hesitate about going.

1. Make a workout schedule

Some people just need to have their workout planned out in front of them so they know exactly what they’re going to do at the gym. Having a plan before you enter the workplace helps you get into the right mindset to do work. Otherwise, you might just end up wandering around the gym aimlessly. If you need help putting a schedule together, why not work with a personal trainer? They’ll even help tailor a plan to you, so you don’t have to do anything but show up and work out!

2. Create a killer playlist

When you get lost in the music, you focus less on your sore muscles.

What are the songs that get you up and moving? Everyone has at least one beat that could raise you from the dead! Music has the power to change our mood, so if you’re feeling lazy, put on the music that makes you dance and you’ll likely find a routine. Find all of those songs and create one killer workout playlist.
It’s been proven that faster beats can also help you work out better – when you get lost in the music, you focus less on your sore muscles, which helps you go the extra mile!

3. Download Netflix on your phone

Okay so we’re all guilty of getting sucked into a serious Netflix drama, there is no denying this. There have even been days where you barely notice the sun coming up and going down because there are so many seasons and the action is just so mind blowing. Of course, if you download the Netflix app on your phone, or bring a tablet along, you don’t have to miss a moment! Who says you just have to lay on the couch to watch television? Now you can be productive while watching your series.

4. Take a before picture

If you are discouraged because you don’t notice the changes in your body just by looking in the mirror, then why not take a picture? Snap a picture of yourself every couple of weeks to hold yourself accountable. If you stick to your workout routine, you’ll start to notice changes, and once you start to actually see your body getting stronger, you won’t want to undo all that hard work, now will you?

Feeling motivated to hit the gym yet?

5. Give yourself a day off

Don’t tell yourself that you’re going to be able to give 100 per cent every day of the week at the gym – that’s unrealistic. Your body needs a rest day, and when you know you have at least one or two days off a week, suddenly you’ll notice that you can find the time to go the other five or so days a week. A cheat day can also include indulging in some of your favourite, less healthy foods. You’re only human, and making yourself miserable won’t help you reach your fitness goals. As long as everything is in moderation, you can live a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

Now you have no excuse not to go to the gym! With all these ways to motivate yourself, you’re ready to join online and head to One55 Rooty Hill today!

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