3 Reasons Why Hydration Is So Important


We all know that hydration is incredibly important when it comes to keeping the body performing well. But just what are the effects of H2O?

If you’ve ever spent any serious time at the gym or working with a great personal trainer, then you’ve doubtless heard the term ‘hydration’ bandied about like nobody’s business. As a result of this, almost everybody is aware of the simple fact that keeping your body fueled with water is absolutely critical to high levels of performance. What people don’t always know is exactly how H2O can impact your workouts and overall fitness.

So, let’s take a look at three of the most important reasons to stay hydrated at the gym.

Staying hydrated is key to success at the gym.

1. Avoiding fatigue

Mild dehydration isn’t serious, but it’s still one of the leading causes of fatigue throughout the world. This can strike on a busy day at the office or a hot Sunday afternoon, but either way, we’ve all experienced the sluggish feeling of not having enough water in our bodies. If dehydration can affect us while sitting at our desks, it’s easy to imagine how much greater the effects can be at the gym, when we’re sweating heavily and constantly losing water.

When it comes to retaining high levels of energy to push through the fatigue barrier and perform well for longer periods of time, remaining hydrated is therefore critically important. Without this, it’s incredibly difficult to consistently meet your fitness goals.

2. Assist with weight loss

For many gym-goers, losing weight is the name of the game. Whether we’re looking to get into shape for a special event or simply want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, shedding excess fat is certainly a common goal, and drinking enough water can make a huge difference. How? Well, there are actually a few reasons.

First and foremost, water helps to curb your appetite, but H2O also provides your body with the essential nutrients needed to metabolise fat and burn it away.

One facet of hydration that is a bit less commonly understood is its effects on muscle.

3. Building muscle

The previous two points are relatively well-known, but one facet of hydration that is a bit less commonly understood is its effects on muscle. Water is a key transport medium for the body, and assists greatly with the delivery of nutrients and waste to and from your growing muscles. In addition, keeping your body hydrated will allow the muscles to fully contract – producing that ‘toned’ look that is so highly sought after.

These are just three of the incredible effects that water can have on the human body when working out. For more information on getting into the best shape, contact One55 Rooty Hill today.

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