$99 Nutrition Kick-Start Package

Happy New Year! Kick-Start your New Year with our $99 Nutrition Package. Get your best results this year with either one of our plans.

Wondering why you’re not seeing results?

Are you consistently hitting the gym and putting a countless amount of effort in to your exercise routine and not seeing results? Do you find yourself struggling to balance your lifestyle and diet? Let us help you find the perfect balance! Our Team can help determine what eating plan would best suit your goals.

We have the solution for you!

We believe physical well being is more than working out. More than pumping weights, or going for a run. It’s about looking at your entire lifestyle, and understanding your eating habits and how this can affect your overall well being and progression. If you’re spending hours in the gym, but eating the wrong foods, you can’t expect to achieve your goals. Whether you’re not eating enough, or not eating the right foods specifically for your body, this will impact your health.

That’s why we have created this $99 Nutrition Kick-Start Package! We want to help you understand how to best manage your nutritional health.

What we offer:

ONE of TWO generic plans:
14 day Whole foods Reset Plan OR Food list by meal Plan
15 minute consultation with our Nutritionist to determine which plan is suitable, how to follow the plan and basic dietary advice
15 minute ‘accountability follow up’ 2 weeks after to check in with client

Take a look at what else our Food & Nutrition Coach, Karola Schulz, has to say about nutrition and lifestyle habits here.

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