Going Personal: What To Consider Before Getting a Personal Trainer


Want something more out of your fitness regime? Try out our personal training sessions – it’ll personalise your workout to help you achieve your goals.

So you’ve been going week after week to your fitness classes without fail, and while you love everyone in your yoga class, you feel it’s time for something bigger.

Everyone is structured differently, physiologically and psychologically. You learn in different ways and your body responds to different triggers. It’s all specific to your own body.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that 72 per cent of Australians weren’t getting enough exercise in 2007-2008. Why not try a personal trainer to improve your fitness regime? You’ll feel more obligated to exercise regularly, whilst knowing that the routine is best suited to your workout style.

At One55, we offer personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals. Take your training to the next level, but consider these things first before you start with a personal trainer.

Single or not?

Firstly, determine if you want to be in our one on one or group sessions. One-on-one personal training sessions can be either 30 or 60 minutes. This is the most direct approach you’ll get towards your individual fitness needs. Your fitness regime will be 100 per cent personalised, and you’ll be working with a professional trainer whose focus is dedicated only to you and who has only your goals in mind.

Group sessions span 60 minutes and are great if you prefer working out with others. It certainly helps to have other fitness junkies alongside you going through the same routine.

A 2011 study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that social support influences and increases exercise levels. Our group personal training sessions can hold up to eight people, so grab a few of your gym buddies and encourage each other to get fit!

Know your motivator

Know what motivates you. You may have a fair idea already if you’ve been attending our group classes regularly. It could be anything from music to wanting to wear jeans without the zipper straining. Your personal trainer can help to determine what motivates you and encourage you to achieve bigger and better goals. If you don’t know what motivates you, then have a chat with our friendly trainers. Our experienced staff are here to help you. They’ll have a vast amount of motivation suggestions, so don’t hesitate to discuss this.

It’s only personal

While the idea of discussing and analysing your lifestyle and workout routine may be terrifying, it’s all to help you achieve your personal goals. Don’t be hesitant to discuss these important things with your trainer. Any medical conditions that may influence exercise should definitely be one of the first things you discuss. If you’re still unsure about working in close contact with an experienced personal trainer, try one of our workout classes. There’s plenty of different types of fitness for you to choose until you feel comfortable enough to step up to personal training.


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