3 Things You Need To Do If You Want to Lose Weight For Good


We know what it’s like. You want to transform and lose a few extra kg’s! It’s no easy feat though. That we know too. To stay motivated, to stay accountable and to stay positive in times of change can really challenging at the best of times.

The good thing is though, is that there are 3 things that you can do to ensure you stay on the track to weight loss, transformation and change for good!

1.Know what you’re working towards.

Set goals. Have a clear vision and goal you are working towards. But even better, attach a saying or a mantra of how you will feel as a result of achieving it. For instance: ‘I will lose 5kgs and I will feel confident, empowered and strong!’ Doing this will let your brain know it is possible to achieve. Repeat your mantra every time you feel down or unmotivated. It is sure to help you on your path to lasting weight loss, change and transformation.

2.Track everything you’re doing.

From what you’re eating, to what you’re doing in your training sessions, track everything! Whether it just is a note on your phone or it’s a more detailed spreadsheet, or even if it’s using an app, a great way to stay accountable and motivated is to track everything you’re doing. For instance, try MyFitnessPal to track your food consumed and calories eaten. You may notice you’ve eaten more than your daily allowance (if you’re sticking to one!)  and from there can change what you’re doing.  A little bit of tracking like this can go a long way!

3.Have a strong support network behind you

It’s true what they say, together we can achieve so much more. Lasting change happens when we have ongoing support from a Personal trainer, friends and family. To be able to confide in someone, ask questions if you’re unsure and to learn as much as possible empowers you to go beyond your preconceived limits and achieve your goals with confidence!

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