A Beginners Guide To Protein Powder


Protein powder isn’t just for body builders – you could benefit from this ingredient in your workout diet too! Here’s a guide for first-timers.

So you’ve just signed up at One55 – congratulations! Taking the first step to commit to an active lifestyle can be the biggest achievement.

Next, you’ll need the right equipment. Comfortable running shoes and workout clothes should be staples, but what about other items? A skipping rope can help your cardiovascular fitness on those non-gym days, and let’s all agree here, wristbands can make you look super cool.

Then there’s protein powder. Should you start implementing it into your fitness diet? How and where do you start? Luckily for you, we have the tips every beginner needs.

Protein, found in foods like eggs, is an integral part of a healthy diet.

What does protein powder do?

Protein is an integral part of any diet. It’s not just for body builders and bulking up!

In your body, protein can be found in every cell – it helps your body to make new cells and also repair old ones, meaning it is an essential ingredient for growth and development.

People can obtain protein from many meat and dairy products, but some choose to consume protein powder as well. If you are working out for the first time, protein can help to build muscle, as your body will need a larger amount for growth. Protein can also be used when training for events like a marathon. Other reasons include recovering from injury, to help your cells repair and multiply, and to supplement a lack of protein in your everyday diet (such as in the case of vegetarians or vegans).

Teenagers that frequent the gym can also benefit from protein powder. This is because their body will still be developing and could do with the extra helping of protein.

How can I include protein into my diet?

Protein is the part of your diet that helps you feel fuller for longer. That’s why a substantial breakfast in the morning is so important (think bacon and eggs).

Working out draws on more energy from your body, so you’ll need to supplement it with more nutritious food. You don’t want to eat before and after every workout, and so, protein powder can sustain you until it’s meal time.

When you first buy protein powder, look for ones that contain as much whey as possible. 100 per cent whey protein is ideal, as it means there will be less sugars, carbs, sodium and other unhealthy additions.

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