Spinning 101: Exercise Bikes


The gym is a place full of different types of exercise equipment. One of the most popular machines is the exercise, or spin, bike. Read on to learn more.

Of all the small group exercise classes that you might see at the gym, few are as ubiquitous as the so-called ‘spin’ sessions which have dominated fitness for the last 20 years. If you’ve seen them advertised but have never been, it’s time to get ready for a new experience. Exercise bikes are a great way to get fit, and they provide a nice low-impact workout for several muscles that aren’t often targeted by regular cardio activity

It can be a bit intimidating to hop on the bike if you’ve never done it before, but the results speak for themselves. Read on to find out more about the history and benefits of spinning on a indoor bike. 

Of course, cycling has been around for a pretty long time, and is a very popular sport and workout in its own right. In fact, ever since the earliest days of bicycles, people have been using them to stay healthy, as well as get from point A to point B. Despite this, there’s always been a desire to make the activity safer and more convenient. After all, it’s not really realistic to head out on your bike in the pouring rain, or late at night if you’re inexperienced. 

Fortunately, the stationary (or ‘spinning’) bicycle was popularised in the 1990s by South African Johnny Goldberg. A personal trainer and endurance cyclist, Goldberg was keen to find a way that he could train more conveniently, and devised a way to do so in his garage. The technology went mainstream in 1993, being named Rolling Stone’s ‘hot’ exercise for the year. Since then, millions of people have gotten fit and lost weight, all thanks to the marvellous power of spinning. 

The benefits of cycling

Like regular cycling, spin sessions at the gym provide a huge range of health and fitness benefits. Chief among these is, of course, a great cardio workout, which can help you to burn fat and reach 

your optimum weight. Of course, it’s not all about shedding the kilograms, and cycling is also a great way to build up the abs, quads and hamstring. These don’t always get targeted by other routines and equipment, so cycling is a great way to ensure you’re whole body is looking and feeling good.

Plus, it’s an activity that you can do rain or shine, so if you’d like to start cycling to work but want to build up your endurance in a safe space, look no further than the fabulous exercise bike.

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